Setting up Simple 2D Gait analysis


Marker Placement

  • Proximal end of 5th Metatarsal
  • Centre on back of Calcaneus
  • Lateral malleolus
  • Medial malleolus
  • Lateral epicondyle
  • Patella (aligning the top of the marker with the superior border of the patella)
  • Greater Trochanter
  • ASIS
  • PSIS

For more detailed analysis add the following markers

  • C7
  • Medial border of spine of scapula
  • Lateral border of spine of scapula
  • Inferior angle of scapula
  • Lateral epicondyle of the elbow
  • Acromion (most lateral point)
  • Ulnar prominence of wrist
Markers for the body

Body Markers

Floor Mark Up

  • Mark up  a 1m x 1m diamond
  • Allow a walkway of ~10m with the diamond located centrally


Camera setup

  • Camera 1 to be placed 5m from diamond to film the frontal perspective
  • Camera 2 to be placed at least 3m from the centre of the diamond will film the sagittal perspective.
  • Each camera
  • positioned at a height level to the pelvis of the child


  • positioning


Gait analysis software

There are


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