Calendar example

Calendar example

Engaging and keeping a child focused during therapy sessions can present challenges for any therapist.  When therapy involves muscle electrical stimulation, it can throw a spanner in the works! It is a great idea to have distractions implemented at the start of a child’s session, to make it fun and engaging. This can potentially take away fears a child may have and/or entice them to attended their therapy sessions.

Incorporating a game or a challenge to a task, is one of the best ways to engage a child to keep them interested in therapy and most importantly have fun. Creating a scoring system or rewards chart, can encourage the child to be persistent with therapy and allow the therapist to carry out the session. For example, using a points chart for motivation and distraction can work well in most situations. Children can be competitive and thrive to show off what they can do!


When introducing the muscle electrical stimulation (MES) device to a child it is good to explain and demonstrate what is it and does to both the child and the caregiver.

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