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The aim of research is to investigate methods of treatment or assessment that can deliver the best outcome for the benefit of people in our community. New discoveries are made everyday by researchers who are dedicated to working on solving real issues that affect our community. These research discoveries are often presented in important conferences and published in academic journals in order to spread the word on the significant findings.


The responsibility to be updated on new research discoveries often falls on busy clinicians. Consumers can also find these discoveries through online platforms. However for both clinicians and consumers, the wealth of information that is currently present on the world wide web can be a mind field with information overload on what is most relevant to them. For this reason, it is increasingly important that researchers support the way that their results can reach busy clinicians and consumers in the most direct and streamlined way.


The Next Steps Project is a platform for researchers to provide the crucial Next Step in their research. The Next Steps Project is all about knowledge translation from the academic world to the practical level so that clinicians can apply the latest findings in their work and for consumers to be updated on what is available for them.


All content on The Next Steps Project is derived from the latest research and so the platform is constantly being updated. Importantly, consumers are also involved with all content to ensure that it is readable, practical and useful.


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2D Gait

Setting up Simple 2D Gait analysis   Marker Placement Proximal end of 5th Metatarsal Centre on back of Calcaneus Lateral malleolus Medial malleolus Lateral epicondyle Patella (aligning the top of the marker with the superior Read more…

How to write GAS goals

How to write GAS goals Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) is an individualized, criterion-referenced measure of change. Clinicians use GAS to help clients work out goals to work on during therapy or intervention. Setting personal goals Read more…

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